This is just a short note to let you know what the Freekuency is all about. Having come from the free-party scene in England, we are trying to give people the free festival experiences we had there before things got on top. After changing the dates to April, the Freekuency has suddenly taken off and is growing bigger every year. THIS IS NOT A TEKNIVAL. We are trying to provide a family-friendly festival with a few busy areas rather than a massive, anything-goes type of thing. We pay to use the site and we apply for a license from the local council, who we have a good relationship with. This is why, as many of you know but some don’t, we ask for people to leave their sound systems at home, (or at least unpacked. There are plenty of other places in Portugal where you can do your own parties.) Any people setting up unauthorised rigs on site run the risk of us having our license withdrawn. Please respect what we are trying to do and just enjoy yourselves.

We believe in the free-party scene and this is a not-for-profit festival. We do not charge an entrance fee, but a festival of this size does cost a lot of money to put on so we do ask for donations at the gate. We do not pay for people to come and dj, vj, perform or whatever. Everyone who does, does so for free, and we are eternally grateful to everyone who has done so and whoever wishes to do so in the future. Without the support, time and energy of our friends and like-minded people this festival would not happen. Those of you who know us are aware that we’re not out to make a quick buck. All money made from the bar and the cafe goes towards covering costs and whatever’s left goes into the kitty for the following years festival.

We have our dance areas, a performance area and a live band stage, as well as plenty of food and craft stalls. We also have a Kids Zone. THIS IS NOT A CRECHE. We do not supply staff to look after your kids. They are your responsibility. This is just an area with games, books etc…where they can find things to amuse themselves.

We do ask for people who bring their dogs to keep them on chains. We’ve had many sheep killed by festival-goers dogs in the last few years and the local farmers aren’t happy and there is a chance a license might not be issued. They may shoot dogs who have strayed off site and/or put poison down to stop dogs and protect their livestock. Watching a dog die after being poisoned is a horrific sight so if you bring your dog please, PLEASE keep it on a chain.

We sincerely hope that everyone who comes has a great time. Anyone wishing to become involved or participate in any way should write to us well in advance. We are always up for new ideas and on how to make this a better festival so feedback is always welcome.

Hope you can make it to the next one………

Watch Free Kuency Festival 2010 Video here.