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date freek 2015

We´re glad you’ve found us and hope you can make it to this amazing event.

The Freekuency festival was born out of the free party movement, and has developed over the years into a spectacular event with a friendly family atmosphere, where the artists, Performers, crew and helpers, work and play for no payment whatsoever, keeping in mind the non profit values on which this festival has been built. We are continually amazed by amount of talent and devotion that has been offered, to making this festival what it is today, and our heart felt gratitude goes out to all concerned!

After a year break we are back with a vengeance, and are confident of bringing to you some of the best artists and Performers on the underground circuit, with different areas providing entertainment for a variety of tastes and ages!

This festival is a non profit festival and any funds raised are placed directly in to the following years event, but unfortunately the last couple have run at a loss, and while we believe in the financial principles of this festival, we feel it would only be fair if anyone involved has no personal gain, then no one should suffer a personal loss.

As you may know, the festival runs entirely on the money we raise on the gate and at the bars, as well as from the fundraisers that have taken place beforehand. The continuation of this lovely festival relies hugely on your amazing generosity. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside our control since 2013 we need your help more than ever this year. While any amount that you give is gratefully received, (and we know many of you give much more!) if you can, we would really appreciate if you could put at least 10€ in the pot on the gate. (And expect some alternative fundraising events throughout the weekend!!) Your festival needs you!!

Any other offers of help or contributions toward the running of the event will be most welcome.

We would like to remind you the festival is legal and licensed, and has a good reputation in the local community, which we would like to continue, so we would ask that any unauthorized sound systems do not set up at the fest or in the surrounding area during that time. THIS IS NOT A TEKNIVAL! and we hope you understand our concerns, as this could ruin our chances of making this festival a big success.

Hope to see you all there , Love and Respect from the Freekuency Crew.

Watch FreeKuency Festival 2010 Video here.

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