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June 15, 2019


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Green Vibe Forskolin the consumption of fruit and citrus fruits burns can certainly make the difference, if followed with rigor it can bear fruit visible already after a week . Initial approach The vegetarian diet can have innumerable advantages, surely it is necessary to balance as much as possible the various nutrients that replace the lack or the considerable reduction of meat and fish, including most of the derivatives , such as sausages. Dairy products in adequate quantities based on age and physical needs , lean and fresh cheeses are preferred to seasoned cheeses, this for the simple reason that seasoned dairy products are much fatter, not an easy choice especially if it is a first approach and if the choice was not made for ethical reasons . How to start the food change The transition from an omnivorous traditional diet to a vegetarian one must be done progressively in order to avoid relapse trauma, so meat and fish must be reduced in consumption gradually, we see a small example: First week 30% reduction in the consumption of meat, fish and sausages Second week another 30% based on the previous week Third week still 3% up to the fourth week in total absence of meat and fish Substantially adopting this little expedient of the planned reduction, within a month you can change without major problems, the transition is almost natural , obviously meat, fish and derivatives must be replaced with vegetables and fruit . The advantages of the vegetarian diet And 'now proven that a vegetarian diet improves much the conditions of health and physical people that adopt it, the main advantages are: Helps to lose weight and keep it under control, including the reduction of bad cholesterol due to diseases such as stroke and ischemia Stimulates and helps kidney regularity and functions, vegetable consumption promotes the decrease of phosphorus in the blood, the primary cause of kidney problems It prevents tumors linked in many cases to the consumption of meat and derivatives, such as those to the colon, lungs and breast It fights osteoporosis, thanks to vegetables the organism is able to better preserve calcium and does not affect the body's reserves. 


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