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What are the strategies of playing Roulette


3:27 pm
May 8, 2019



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What are the strategies of playing Roulette

Roulette, as an independent casino game, has been popular in the world for more than 300 years. The idea of developing a roulette strategy that allows the player to beat the casino is no less ancient than the game itself. For a long time the existence of roulette, was invented and tested in practice a huge number of different systems and techniques of the game. Highlighting all known today roulette strategies, the ten most proven and popular among the players – consider each in more detail.

Top 10 roulette strategies Pin-Up

According to the statistics provided by different casinos and a variety of surveys among players, the Top 10 roulette strategies include:

System to game on simple chances of the roulette:

Martingale Strategy

Anti-Martingale System (Parliament Strategy)

The system d'alembert

System of Anti-d'alembert

Laboucher and Anti-laboucher Systems

Donald's strategy with Natanson changes

The Fibonacci Strategy

Systems for playing the main playing field:

Two-thirds system (distribution Law)

Biarritz System (Makarov's Strategy)

Counter-Biarritz System

How to win roulette at the casino

Is it possible to win at the casino, playing roulette according to the rules of these strategies and systems? So usually formulate the question beginners, without specifying other important and significant conditions of the game, which depends on the correct answer.

There is no purely mathematical roulette strategy that would allow the player to completely eliminate losses. In addition, no betting strategy is able to affect the mathematical profitability of the game.

In extremely rare cases, and purely for technical reasons, the roulette wheels in some institutions – may give deviations from the uniform distribution of the numbers dropped.

This phenomenon is called roulette wheel addiction, and there is a system of Counter-Biarritz , the most suitable for playing against the casino, which revealed roulette with a biased wheel. But even this strategy, like all others, does not exclude the factor of luck in the game.

Each individual launch of the ball – the player is constantly at risk of both winning and losing – this game is not in vain called roulette.

All mathematical systems and strategies for playing roulette were developed by the players themselves.

The main idea and advantage of using a certain strategy in the game is that the player gets the opportunity to control the expenditure of the game and more consciously plans his game Bank.

Consider the differences between different systems, can be the example of three options for the development of the game.

For example, a player, for 10 spins in a row – bet on red, starting with one base bet, and changing its size according to the rules of the chosen strategy.

In the first variant, we will analyze the least successful development of events for the player – such can be considered the loss of ten consecutive numbers of black color, or a situation where the player suffers 10 losses in a row.

As you can see, with a long series of losses, the greatest expenditure of the game – is obtained from the progressive systems of martingale and Fibonacci. In the case of anti-progressive strategies, the rate after the loss does not increase, resulting, on the contrary, achieved the lowest consumption of the player's Bank.

Now consider the second option, when all 10 spins in a row fell only red, that is the most successful for the player a series of ten wins.

It is easy to make sure that the maximum positive growth of the player's balance, in the case of ten successful spins in a row, is achieved when playing by the rules of the reverse, or anti-progressive strategies.

Here it should be clarified that in the table above, for each of the counter-progressive strategies (anti-martingale and anti-dalamber), calculations are given for those cases where the player does not take the winnings, but continues to participate in the game all 10 spins, progressively increasing the bet.

However, such long streaks of success or loss in the real game are relatively rare. In conclusion, we will analyze the third typical version of the game, when the player also each time puts on red, with red and black numbers fall strictly alternately.

It is obvious that the uniform distribution of the results of the ball falling, when the winnings alternate with losses – leads to a slight negative increase in the balance of the player, in the case of playing on anti-progressive (reverse) systems. The performance of the game on the progressive systems martingale and Dalembert – in this case are identical. This is due to the fact that the rate after the first loss in both of these systems – increases by the same amount.

Thus, each time a player makes a bet, his risks fluctuate with respect to not only the game itself, but also the chosen system and the size of the game Bank. To be the most effective roulette player, you should know and be able to use all these important components.

1:51 pm
May 10, 2019



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I have been playing roulette for a long time and have never used any strategy because I did not know that they are used for roulette. now I will study them, choose the most acceptable and I think that the winnings will be much more. only I play in another online casino.

7:48 pm
May 11, 2019




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Very interesting information about online casinos. Previously, I often had to play roulette, and I had my own strategy, but I did not hear about the pin-up online casino. After everything I read, I think it’s worth registering at this online casino and trying your luck, remembering the old days when I was shooting good money.

11:34 am
May 16, 2019



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if you have long been familiar with gambling then it will not be difficult for you to play online casino pin up. I can say even more – when you register at this casino you will get good bonuses for the game. well, then everything is in your hands. place your bets and win.

8:55 pm
May 16, 2019




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Already registered in the online casino, checked the roulette in the demo version. I want to make the first deposit, try to play for money. Online casino gives a bonus for the first deposit, after registration. They promise a bonus of 100% for the first deposit. So, the larger the deposit amount, the bigger the bonus? I'm right?


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