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The price of the vertical grinder mill for phosphogypsum


3:31 am
June 13, 2019



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The main component of phosphogypsum is CaSO4·2H2O, which is generally between 70% and 90%. It is an important renewable gypsum resource. Most domestic enterprises will pile up phosphogypsum. According to statistics, the annual utilization of phosphogypsum in China is between 4 million and 5 million tons, and the comprehensive utilization rate is only about 27% (the utilization rate in Japan is 90%). In the early 1990s, the amount of phosphogypsum used in the route was estimated to be only 4% of the amount of phosphogypsum produced. The root cause is that there are many sources of natural gypsum, and the utilization of phosphogypsum is not economically dominant (except for countries where natural gypsum is lacking). Of course, people are still working hard to improve the technology in order to improve the economy. In addition to discharging phosphogypsum into the ocean and storing it on land, another way to treat phosphogypsum is to use it in a variety of ways. What kind of grinding equipment is used to process phosphogypsum? For the processing of phosphogypsum, SBM heavy machine has rich experience in mechanical processing and manufacturing, and the grinding technology is more advanced. There are many successful cases in the production of the scheme, which is to help the phosphogypsum achieve greater market value. Ideal. The vertical roller mill used for processing phosphogypsum is a new type of grinding equipment. It is also the ideal model for SBM heavy machine to be upgraded on the basis of traditional mill. The vertical mill mill for 200 mesh phosphogypsum powder What is the price and selection? Now, let's take a look at the secrets. The main methods of using phosphogypsum are: gypsum powder for building construction, gypsum board and gypsum block; cement retarder; cement and sulfuric acid; ammonium sulfate; fine paper filler; agricultural soil improver. In the context of the continuous development of the market economy, the market use of phosphogypsum continues to expand. The vertical mill mill used for processing phosphogypsum is the ideal equipment for SBM heavy machine manufacturing. According to the processing needs of different customers, we can customize the selection. The configuration plan, the price of the phosphogypsum vertical roller mill is more scientific, welcome to contact us, or product details. Compared with the traditional R-type mill, the production capacity is increased by more than 40%, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. The whole set of equipment runs smoothly, the performance is very reliable, the working principle is scientific, and more importantly, the SBM heavy machine can be combined with each customer. Tailor-made selection and configuration schemes for production demand, with more scientific and reasonable price and selection scheme of phosphogypsum vertical mill mill to help each customer create value and gain objective market profit.


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