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The use of milling in the ball mill


4:21 am
October 20, 2017



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Because most of the minerals in the nature of the useful minerals and gangue minerals close symbiotic, crushing equipment can not be directly used, but must be enriched by mineral processing to a certain extent to be used. The grinding operations are responsible for the full dissolution of useful minerals and gangue minerals and will continue to play a vital role in the future for a long time. Therefore, how to give full play to the role of grinding operations, in the smallest energy consumption under the best mineral dissociation and selection before the uniform size and light overcooling, many mineral processing workers have been working in the direction. This is to solve the actual problems of the plant, efficiency, its scientific significance and economic significance is very obvious. In the process of ore milling equipment, the ball is both the implementation of the grinding effect, but also the energy transfer body. Crushing equipment it determines the crushing behavior of the ore can occur and how to occur, the ball mill also affects the size of the mill production capacity, the quality of grinding products and grinding process of steel consumption and energy consumption level. First of all, the ball in the grinding process plays an energy medium role, determine the occurrence of broken behavior. Second, the ball as a broken behavior of the implementation of the body, determines the quality of grinding products. In addition, the ball also affects the grinding production capacity and steel consumption, energy consumption level. Steel ball size is too large or too small, in addition to the adverse effects of grinding technology, the impact crusher there are other shortcomings. Crushing equipment, the size of the ball is too large, broken force, easy to cause abnormal loss of steel ball that the ball rate rise. Crushing equipment production practice also proved that the energy consumption in the grinding is often proportional to the steel consumption, high consumption of steel when the energy consumption is also high, the general consumption of 0.035 a 0.175kg / kwh ball, the ball is greater than the unit energy consumption Ball energy consumption per unit ball.

7:44 pm
May 11, 2019



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This is to solve the actual problems of the plant, efficiency, its scientific significance and economic.


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